Danielle Forrest

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What would you sacrifice?


A “hotshot” spaceship pilot in a group of settlers, Emma is not well liked. Seen as about as useful as tits on a bull, she’s determined to prove them wrong, driving herself to exhaustion that first day. But the next morning, she wakes up devastated, all their hard work in ruins.

Beeyun watches the intruders from the shadows, wanting them to leave his planet. Each time they disappear into the metal beast, he tears apart their efforts with his claws. He wants drive them away, but even with nature aiding him, they push on in their endeavors.

As the settlement experiences setback after setback, Emma notices a darker current running through the group. Tempers are raised, fights break out, and people keep whispering about “The Beast.” Then they turn on her, and she’s rescued by the very creature that’s plagued them from day one. 

Emma is immediately drawn to her savior and feels connected in a way she never has before.  She dreams of a life here, but she can’t turn her back on her fellow humans for long.  When a new threat arises, she must make an impossible choice: leave the only place she’s ever felt at home or save the very people who wanted her dead.

Shifting Sides is the prequel to the A Shift in Space series.  It contains aliens, romance, violence (and explosive dirt), native species that will eat anything, and sex scenes.  It may not be suitable for all readers.


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Ellie loves the freedom of space.  She works alone, takes jobs as she pleases, and tolerates her friends butting into her life. 

It does have its downsides, though.  Like not being able to go to the corner grocery store for snacks.  And God forbid something breaks down… like now.

But with her not-so-helpful AI, she’s confident she can handle this as well, and they land her ship on a seemingly uninhabited planet for repairs.  But almost immediately after landing, an alien soldier barges on board and holds her at gunpoint, demanding use of her ship.

Ah, hell, no…

She fights back with all her might and manages to escape, but as he chases her through the wilderness, gunshots from a new threat ring through the air, causing her to duck and hide.  As the soldier stands tall and fires back, she can’t help but wonder…

Am I running from the wrong threat? 

Shifting Cargo is Book 1 in the A Shift in Space series.  A steamy Sci-Fi romance with an independent, self-conscious heroine, an alien soldier worried about his missing unit, epic stakes, and lots of action and suspense.  Being the adventure today!

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Mila has suffered frigid winters, starvation, and soul-crushing loneliness, but she’s safe and free. The government would have stolen that from her if she’d stayed, all for an accident of birth. 

Then after ten years on the run, an old friend calls. Now, her friend is dead, and she’s taken her place as pilot of a decrepit space ship. But the ones who murdered her friend think she’s still alive, and now they’re gunning for Mila. 

She escapes each attack by the skin of her teeth, her life and secrets on the line. But with a Captain increasingly suspicious, security dogging her every move, and a shape-shifting assassin lurking somewhere on board, will she survive long enough to discover why someone killed her friend?

Gripping and action-packed, Mila’s Shift is a story of loyalty and friendship that crosses all boundaries, including the law, to uphold what’s right.

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Captain Tristan Faulk never aspired to being a hero.  He’d navigated his career in the NSS without incident.  He liked it that way.  Then the FUBAR Orleans mission blew up in his face. 

Now, he’s been assigned a mission to the moon, one with stakes just as high, and just as likely to go tits up.  Will there be another leak?  Sabotage?  He doesn’t know, but he isn’t taking any chances.  He picks a team he can trust, loads down for war, and hopes to God nothing goes wrong.

But a darker threat looms on the horizon and it threatens two races with extinction.  With enemies on all sides, will their mission succeed, bringing two disparate races together to defend the Earth?  Or will humanity’s differences tear itself apart in its greatest hour of need?

Tristan’s Choice is a gripping and action-packed story of two people who lay everything on the line for humanity, finding out what really matters in the process.

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Terra just wanted to work.  Unfortunately, instead of a job, she got a one-way trip to the shifter  internment camps.  Struggling with denial, she rails against the system, insisting they’ve made a mistake.  That is, until she meets Annie, a parentless child thrust into the same unforgiving environment.  But as she falls into a pattern caring for the girl, an even darker reality assaults her.

Terrified, Terra escapes the camp in an act of desperation and stumbles on a hidden society.  They welcome her freely, but she doesn’t trust them, ready to flee at a moment’s notice.

But a greater threat looms, the fate of humans and shifters alike hanging in the balance.  Then, just as the battle seems to be over, the fight hits home.  Can Terra come to accept herself before prejudice’s toxic touch destroys them all?

Terra’s Fate is Book 3 in the Darkest Day Series and is not a standalone novel.

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About the Author


Danielle Forrest is a Paranormal SciFi author and Medical Laboratory Scientist based out of Indianapolis, IN.

She has dedicated her life so far to two things:  Science & Books

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise if science finds it’s way into even the most fantastical examples of her writing.

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The Eternal Scribe Publishing  is an independent publisher of gripping, action-packed Science Fiction novels since 2019. Located in Indianapolis, IN, TES Publishing books are sold worldwide via the Ingram Distribution Network and Amazon.

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