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seizeSorry I didn’t participate last week.  My parents were visiting, which is a computer black hole.  I think I lost four days last week to them, between cleaning and them actually being there…  Anyway, continuing from two weeks ago…

Sir Lionel leapt forward to catch the woman before she keeled forward, butt end of the loaf she’d been eating still in hand.  He was shocked when he grabbed hold of her upper arms to keep her from falling that all he felt was bone.  It felt like there wasn’t an once of muscle or fat on the poor woman.

“Told you she was tired,” the boy chimed in between swallows, gummed up wads of bread scrambling his words.

“Clearly,” he said in turn.  What had these two been through?


Lifting the sleeping Amara onto the horse’s saddle felt no more difficult to Sir Lionel than lifting the saddle itself.  The overeager David was as much a challenge as his mother.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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