Danielle’s Writing: One Does Crazy Things for Love…

It was as quiet and dark as it ever got in the city.  Police sirens blared, and lights shone bright enough to rival the sun, but that was city living for you.  On nights like this, she missed the quiet and perfect darkness of the country, but she could never give up the pace and convenience of urban centers.  Besides, the right windows and soundproofing, and who would know the difference?

She shivered as she stepped out onto the skywalk.  Her boyfriend lived in one of the lower rent neighborhoods so the skywalk wasn’t glassed in.  She pulled her coat tighter, and walked briskly to the other side, reminding herself not to look down.

This skywalk always unnerved her.  With each step, she could just barely feel the gentle sway of the platform beneath her feet.  She always wanted to run to the other side.  But she wouldn’t give in to baseless fears.  The skywalk was steady as a rock.  It had been designed to give like that for structural integrity.  Still, some baser instinct screamed at her, and she found her steps picking up in speed, as always.

A dark figure stepped out of the shadows, forcing her heart into her throat with a rapid cadence.

“Jesus.  You scared the life out of me,” she said, hand over heart as she took deep breaths to calm herself.

“He’s mine,” the shadowed stranger said as she continued forward.

“What?  What are you talking about?”  But she recognized the face before her.  It was a face she’d seen many times before.

“He’s mine.”

The voice, that strange voice.  Both emotional and mechanical at the same time.  It sent chills down her spine.

“Now really,” she said, forcing a smile to her face, “We’re just dating.”

“He’s mine.”  The familiar female shape moved closer and closer, reiterating that same declaration with each step.

She started backing up, a deep-rooted fear taking hold.  A fear based not in logic, but primal drive.  Danger, it said.  Run.  But she didn’t run.  She merely paced backwards, heart pounding in her chest, her throat, her temples.  Step by step, taking ragged breaths serenaded by the same phrase over and over.

“He’s mine.”

“Leave me alone.”  Her voice shuddered.

Something reflected in the brilliant lights of the city night.  She looked down.  “Oh God.  Oh no.”

“He’s mine.”  This time the voice was more forceful.

How had that thing gotten so close?

“He’s mine.”

Shock set in almost instantly as she slipped to the ground.

Pain.  There was pain.

And cold.

I don’t understand…


Photo credit: e_monk / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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