Deleted Scene: “Very well. Attack.”

A flurry of movement characterized the U.S.S Texas. On the radar, a fleet of a hundred ships approached steadily closer. The radar specialist had counted a little over seventy ships on their side, waiting impatiently for orders.

Every few minutes, voices called over the communications system. Updates of readiness status, continued updates and commentary from Command. Soon, they would be able to see the enemy without aid from radar.

A radio communication cut off mid-sentence.

The captain turned to the communications officer. “Get on the horn to Command.”

“Yes, captain.” The officer worked fervently, but nothing came through the radio. Minutes passed, the longest they’d gone without chatter in quite a while. The silence ate at the people in the room. They fidgeted in their seats, looking at each other with unease. Then the officer turned to the captain. “Communications are down.”

The captain nodded. The room stilled as if everyone held their breath at once. 

“Very well. Attack.”

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