Progress Post: It’s Alive!

Because I just had to make a classical SciFi reference. Couldn’t resist. Anyway, the eBook of Matched to the Alien Prince is live on Amazon, and I finally was able to order the proof copies for the print versions just now. I’m also really excited that IngramSpark brought back the rush processing. I don’t think they’ve had that since the pandemic started. I think my first book, I didn’t need it, and all the subsequent ones, I didn’t have access. For hardcovers, it drops the processing time from 10 days to 2-3. That’s awesome. I’m very happy about that. And it only increases the price by like a dollar. I can eat that.

So what else have I been up to?

I’ve decided to postpone working on my podcast (and thus its launch) because I’m trying to do too many new things at once, and I would rather work on producing fiction content for my readers than mostly non-fiction content. Just makes sense. For now, I’m thinking Q2, but it depends on how well I end up incorporating the serial (and subscription service) into my workflow.

I’ve done a lot of marketing the last week. Probably too much, honestly. And some of it is probably because I’ve been panicking about the fact that my Amazon ads, which were serving just fine, decided to gut themselves for no particular reason… right… after… the… book… launched. Like, that’s the perfect time to be advertising your book. You have a bunch of organic sales from your mailing list and stuff, and you can drive it farther with ads, build momentum, ya know? Now that I have a lot of experience with building momentum…

As you can guess, I got the Library of Congress Control Number for the print books and uploaded the last of the files, approved digitals proofs, etc.

I watched a webinar on boosting organic sales. Seemed a bit redundant…

Worked on scene synopses for Matched to the Alien Captain. Only have a few chapters to go there. I also resolved something in the plot that I’d been hemming and hawing over (which was probably making me resistant toward planning the entire thing), so that’s nice.

That’s all I’ve got for today.

Until next time,


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  • You gotta get that podcast going. I think I can help move that side of things.

    • A

      I do absolutely plan on working on it, but I think it’s also important to focus on launching one thing at a time. I don’t want to spread myself too thin. That wouldn’t give the podcast the attention from me that it rightly deserves. So, my plan is to launch a serial, get used to my new writing/editing schedule, then figure out where the podcast production fits into that schedule.

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