Progress Post: Week 31

So, I did decide to switch back to doing progress reports as blog posts. I might switch back to videos at some point, but those videos weren’t getting a lot of views and it does free me up to do more interesting content. I might even start doing author readings of another of my books. Which do you think it should be?

Anyway, I finished episodes 7 and 8 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan last week. Only got about 1.1k words written in Alien Captain. I’m working on developing a more structured approach to my time and my two projects so I don’t feel so hectic and out of control sometimes. Going to be testing it out this week.

Continued working on a shop on the website. I’ve added all the print books I have (though didn’t get around to uploading images yesterday) and added a sidebar for navigation. Hope to have things more finalized next weekend.

Finished a book review video on Girl, Serpent, Thorn and recorded the next Fated Mates video. I’m thinking I would like to try to get ahead on those videos and maybe have them set up so they are in line with the Ream episode schedule. Would probably take a while to pull off but might be worth the effort.

Books I’ve Been Reading

The Melier: Gi’Ren by Poppy Rhys – I had completely forgotten about this series. It’s been a really long time and I definitely forgot some details that might have been important/relevant, but I enjoyed the book. I liked how all the little, seemingly irrelevant, details all came together, explaining everything that was going on.

Not Many Options by Jillian West – Oh, I am absolutely reading more by this author. It’s omegaverse and contemporary, but I really enjoyed it. Good writer.

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