Progress Post: Week 44

Started episode 14 of Fated Mates. I’m working on drafts 4 and 5 for upload to Ream tomorrow (yikes!). Finished the Halloween special for my Ream subscription. Got a few more scenes written for Alien Captain (though I feel like I did a terrible job working on it last month.

For YouTube, I finished “Why I wrote an autistic character in Shifting Sides” (now live) and uploaded episode 9 of Fated Mates (will go live on Friday). I also started doing productivity livestreams (I’m currently doing one now). Current plan is to do them on Tues-Fri from 12:30 ET to 14:00 ET. Yesterday was pretty good (quite productive) though I did find the breaks to be a bit awkward.

For the less fun/direct stuff, I added the new Book of the Month to Ream and removed the old ones, shared the initial forms/templates to my FB group for setting up the Story Hop I have planned, and updated the coupons for Ream.

Currently Reading

Supra Velum: Finished reading Lucky Chance by Ami Wright. Made me curious about reading the rest of her books (I’ve apparently meant to but never got around to doing it). Better get on that…

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