Progress Post: Week 49

So, I didn’t get as much done as I’d wanted to this last week, largely because I ended up working on my YT video that went live on Friday throughout the week instead of over my weekend (yes, bonehead move on my part but shit happens). I did get it done and it went live on time, which was great because I hadn’t even recorded it by Tuesday.

Finished and scheduled Fated Mates episode 16. It went live on Ream on Friday. Goes live Feb 9 for Inkitt/Wattpad and two weeks earlier for Ream Followers. I removed the serial from Dreame because it just wasn’t getting any views and I really don’t like the platform (not sure if I mentioned that). It’s really spammy about trying to get people into their sketchy contracts and I was tired of dancing with fate every time I posted a new episode, all for no views. For a platform so focused on romance, I don’t understand why they didn’t have a tag for fated mates. Like what’s with that? Bizarre.

It was the end of the month/beginning of a new one, so there was some admin stuff I had to do for that. I also did an Alien Romance Sims 4 Let’s Play on YouTube live (replay is here) on Sunday. It’s part of a series I’ve been doing Sundays at 6 PM ET.

Sunday, I also had a holiday party for work, which I was not looking forward. I got some silly light up red panda ears for the party (found them at the zoo the party was hosted at and I just kinda wanted to do something silly to make me smile). Got to see some animals (first time at the zoo here in Indy) and most of the night we geeked out on various fandoms. As expected, it exhausted me. Also, who plans a party at a zoo in December? It was freezing, windy, and drizzling. A terrible combination.

Anyway, I’m thinking of quitting on the anthology I’ve been reading. I skipped one story because it was in 2nd person (who writes fiction in 2nd person?) and another because it seemed to just drag on (pretty impressive for a novella…). Maybe some monsters would liven things up?

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