Progress Report: Almost done with Draft 3… #amediting

The amount of times I’ve had a “What the Fuck?!” moment during editing this week…

I will admit, I’m not a bit fan of doing rewrites (my draft 3 in my publication process). I love writing, I love planning, I love world building, I’m even not opposed to line editing and proofreading. And I actually love going through a work and picking out what all needs fixed. I just hate actually fixing them. Especially when it looks like a lot. When I open a scene in Scrivener and the side bar is completely filled with comments and there’s highlights all over the screen? I want to pull my hair out.

That being said, I’m almost done with Draft 3. I think I finished writing the last additional scene in the book. I’m going to do a once-over of that scene for cohesion with the scenes around it, then go through my OneNote comments and tweak as needed. Once that’s done, I can move on to line editing.

Finally (Imagine dramatic sprawl against the back of my writing chair).

I’m a little behind where I wanted to be (I wanted to finish Draft 3 on September 15), but it just wasn’t gonna happen. Too many scenes with lots of work to do. Had several days where I could only edit two scenes because of that (my goal was 5.6 and I had been routinely editing 6 until then).

Once I finish Draft 3 (goaling for today), I’ll create a goal for the next draft, splitting the time between the remaining two. I’m hopeful I can get a decent amount done on my days off this weekend, maybe even do a little catchup.

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  • deadpooldad

    Do you want some help with the line editing. I can give you notes by chapter like last time. I have little to do right now due to the injured finger. Send me a link and I will start right away.

    • A

      I’m good. I already finished the line editing by the time I saw your comment. I’m working on proofreading now.

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