Progress Report: Cold Weather Sucks…

As of Friday, I reached 61% in Draft 2 of Matched to the Alien Prince. I’m going to try to get Draft 2 done over this holiday weekend (would prefer Monday but if it’s Tuesday, that’s still good). I worked on the blurb some more this week, and I think I’m almost done with it. Plan to finalize it today (hopefully). My intention is to upload to KDP soon and share with my mailing list on January 1st.

I worked on the podcast episode 2 script again on Tuesday. Still not done yet, but thinking the body of the script is almost done.

It is absolutely brutally cold right now where I am. I currently have my HVAC set higher than usual and I’m still wearing a heavy long sleeved shirt, a sweater, and have a blanket over my legs to sit at my computer. Usually, I’m wearing a t-shirt and a lightweight hoodie (although the blanket is pretty much a staple year round…). The weather has me simultaneously not wanting to go outside, but also not wanting to do anything inside either. Have been suffering through -35F wind chills and temperatures as low as -10F. I usually like the winter, but this is ridiculous. Can’t wait for this winter storm to end…

On a side note, I really feel sorry for the people who have to work in this weather. There were power outages in my area and power company people had to work outdoors in those wind chills to restore power. In addition, I woke up at about 5 AM the other day because my dog was barking. Had to get up and comfort her because she could hear the maintenance staff salting the sidewalks. That… is just horrifying. I know salting is necessary and sidewalks have to be done by hand (tech people, can we design a bot that allows someone to salt sidewalks from somewhere cozy? Seems like it shouldn’t be too hard and could prevent frostbite in situations like this).

Anyway, I’m just getting started with being productive for the day.

Until next time,


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