Progress Report: February 2021 #amediting

Made good progress in February, but not as much as I would have liked. I’m struggling a bit with the cover art, but not sure if that’s just fear that I won’t get it perfect (perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head once again… really thought I’d beaten that beast into submission already…) or if I’m trying to bite off more than I can chew.

I’d wanted to get farther in Shifting Cargo than I did. I had several days in week 3 of February where I didn’t do much of anything related to my author career and week 4 was consumed with figuring out ads (still not there yet).

I should definitely try to finish Shifting Paradigms this coming month as it looks like the last of the chapters for Shifting Loot will post to the website this month, and I do like to finish a book before I start posting it.

Things are kind of up in the air for 2022 because I applied to a boxed set, but haven’t heard back to whether they’ve accepted me. We’ll see. I’m sort of assuming that Shifting Paradigms will launch in early 2022, but that could change depending on the boxed set. 2022 could be a weird year schedule-wise. Again, we’ll see.

Shifting Paradigms

End of Month Goal: Finish Draft 1 (Bonus Goal)

Progress:  Didn’t work on.

Deadline Status: On Time

Shifting Cargo

End of Month Goal: Finish Draft 2. Start Draft 3. Work on Cover Art

Progress:  Finished Draft 2, reached 4% on Draft 3. Didn’t work on Cover Art that I can remember.

Deadline Status: On time

March 2021 Goals

  • Shifting Cargo: Finish Draft 3. Start Draft 4. Work on Cover Art
  • Shifting Paradigms: Finish Draft 1 (Bonus Goal)

Release Deadlines:


  • Shifting Cargo: June 15, 2021
  • Shifting Loot: October 15, 2021
  • Shifting Paradigms: TBD

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