Progress Report: Feeling out of Sorts…

I honestly can’t believe I’ve gone this long without doing one of these. My last one was on Feb 27th. Is that crazy? I mean, I know I kind of spent like a week and a half on a book binge (i.e. reading to unhealthy levels), but damn.

Looking back, the hardcover was approved for distribution, I started writing in Matched to the Alien Captain, worked on character development for my serial, and started writing episode 1. I started working on the boxed set for my last series, but am undecided on how I want to do the cover, so I shelved that for a spell to think on it for a few days. I started planning out my setup for Ream.ink (hopefully I’ll get my invite in the next week as I’m on the waiting list for it).

My most recent frustration with Amazon has been over the issues with the book pages for my print books. There’s no images. None. It has images on the Barnes & Noble website. All the information is there at their fingertips, but it’s not on the sales page. Again, I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried reaching out to Author Central, but they keep telling me to reach out to my Publisher (me) to update the information (it’s already up to date). I’m gonna try one more time, then maybe scream. A lot. I’m seriously thinking about maybe opening up a seller account on Amazon or something and seeing if I can force it to upload the information properly because this is beyond frustrating. And I hate KDP Print, so it’s not like there’s a better option.

Recent Reads

Wanted by the Monster by Rena Marks: I can’t believe I lost track of this series. It has like six books in it now and I just finished book 3. Started book 4 yesterday. Looking forward to continuing the series. I love a good book with tentacles…

Taken to Voraxia by Elizabeth Stephens: I’m not sure I like this book. Like I’m not sure if I want to read more in the series. It wasn’t bad. It was well written. I think the fact that there’s so much misunderstanding in the book really annoyed me. That gets old really fast. Don’t get me wrong, the MMC learns, adapts, evolves, but it still takes a while, and sometimes he doesn’t react well (think childish). Not really my thing.

The Carnal Games by Naudii Nebula: Holy crap, this one was good. Absolutely fantastic enemies to lovers. Usually, I don’t like this trope because the author tends to only half-ass the enemy bit in favor of the lovers bit. Like it often feels childish and petulant rather than “Wow, these people really hate each other.” The author dedicated about 1/3 of the book to their animosity. Even when they start to move on from that, they still hate each other for some time. It kind of starts changing with grudging respect, moral decisions, and obligation changing things. The fact that two people who wanted to kill each other and even dismembered each other in the past grew to love each other is just very special. Very special. Love it.

Never Cuff an Alien by VK Ludwig: This is the 2nd book in the series, and it was a bit hilarious. I just kind of loved the constant escape attempts and how the FMC handles it all. Not sure I really liked either character, though. I liked the author’s writing enough to overlook that, but I don’t know. I don’t know what to think.

Alien Architect Needs a Nanny by Tasha Black: I finished this one on March 9th, so I’m starting to get to the point where I don’t really remember the book enough to talk about it. It was a good book, and if any of her works were in KU, I would be binging them like mad. As it is, it takes a little bit more effort to get her books (I use an iPad to read, so I can’t buy on app). I’m also not sure which book I want to read next. There are quite a few in multiple series and I probably moved on for a bit out of decision paralysis.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Until next time,


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