Progress Report:

I did some administrative stuff I’ve been ignoring at the beginning of the week, some continuing education, etc. Mostly, I worked on the blurb and cover art for Matched to the Alien Prince. The cover is “done” though I’m not sure I’m ready to share it yet. I want to sit on it a bit and take a look at it with fresh eyes and make sure I still like it. The blurb is like suffering the attack of a thousand paper cuts. Constant little tweaks to tighten wording and pulling my hair out because I can’t figure out what’s the perfect word to use in THAT spot.

I took a break from that on Friday, instead calculating goals for 2023 and deciding on projects (other than books) that I want to work on. It made me realize that if I can balance out my time a bit better, the whole process probably wouldn’t feel quite so overwhelming, so I’m going to try to write for one book while I’m editing another starting next year. I think it will give me more flexibility to change gears when I’m not feeling inspired and reduce downtime from burnout.

I also started importing books in the A Shift in Space series to Vellum in preparation for doing a boxed set. I’m trying to find a way to pull it off in print form as well, but it’s gonna be hard. Font would likely be small(er) and tight because the thing came out to something like 1300+ pages without front or back matter. Is that a problem? I don’t know. Will probably ask the mailing list to see what they think…

I’m gonna try to finish writing Matched to the Alien Prince today and work on my podcast (that I haven’t launched yet). Probably start writing a script for episode 2 [on the alien abduction romance trope]. I just have some QC to do on episode 1 [on Ruby Dixon].

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