Review: Growing Disenchantments by K. D. Berry @kevinberryxxx


Of all the books I’ve read of late, I don’t think I’ve read one with a more misleading cover.  Upon first glance, this cover, which looks like it was made by a five year old, didn’t leave the best taste in my mouth. When I got the request for a book review, I was certain I was in for a terrible book, one filled with grammatical mistakes, misspelled words, and weird formatting.

Nothing was further from the truth.  Reading a sample of the book had me laughing and completely hooked.  I needed to get the rest of the book.  I was immediately enchanted by the poor sorcerer who got nagged by his furniture.  The king of the book was equally charming, even if a ruler would be a stretch of the term.  He was hilarious, brushing off any sense of duty like nothing at all.  He worries about nothing, allowing his advisor to manage every matter of state, completely unconcerned about anything, including the potential for disaster.  And the advisor with his complete and utter aversion to the word spying, even if it was exactly what he was doing…

Looking back at my notes, half of them seem to be LOL or LMAO.  I made one comment about a Doctor Who moment.  The book is about time travel, to a certain extent, and I do so love my Doctor Who moments.

I love how the thief in the story is always flinching because people around her, who don’t know she’s a thief keep making cracks about thieves.

The book is one non-stop ridiculous laugh riot.  It’s absurd, cute, and I couldn’t put it down.


About the Author

K.D. Berry – WINNER – Sir Julius Vogel Award ‘Best New Talent’ 2012
K. D. Berry is the pen name of Kevin and Diane Berry. They graduated with science and arts degrees respectively from Canterbury University, New Zealand. They spent a lengthy stint in London, England, where Kevin worked in IT and Diane worked in travel, but occasionally they escaped the office to hone their creative imaginations in the remoter regions of the UK, Italy and mountain walking in Switzerland. In 2005 they returned to Christchurch, New Zealand. Kevin and Diane used to be married, but aren’t any longer. Still friends, they co-parent their two fantastic boys, and each continue to write and edit fiction.

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