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Their secret could save the world…

Captain Tristan Faulk never aspired to being a hero.  He’d navigated his career in the NSS without incident.  He liked it that way.  Then the FUBAR Orleans mission blew up in his face.

Now, he’s been assigned a mission to the moon, one with stakes just as high, and just as likely to go tits up.  Will there be another leak?  Sabotage?  He doesn’t know, but he isn’t taking any chances.  He picks a team he can trust, loads down for war, and hopes to God nothing goes wrong.

But a darker threat looms on the horizon and it threatens two races with extinction.  With enemies on all sides, will their mission succeed, bringing two disparate races together to defend the Earth?  Or will humanity’s differences tear itself apart in its greatest hour of need?

Tristan’s Choice is a gripping and action-packed story of two people who lay everything on the line for humanity, finding out what really matters in the process.

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