WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 08/18/2013 #8sunday #snipsun

Okay, I am completely incapable of posting my snippet if I go to my mom’s house for the weekend.  It just never happens.  So, I should probably warn you I probably won’t be posting next weekend either.

Anyway, here’s this week’s snippet…

I felt like death warmed over and begged the energetic boy to allow us a break when I stopped at the sound of a horse.  I grabbed the boy and whirled around a tree, hiding from the rider by instinct even though we hoped to eventually garner directions from a stranger.  I couldn’t help it.  Visions of mysterious riders in black, which was really just my imagination running amuck, grabbing us and carrying us away and back to the evil witch, flew through my head.  I shuddered against the small form I kept pressed to my emaciated chest.

The horse and rider stopped.  I heard the telltale sound of booted heels hitting the hard-packed earth, the sharp sing of a blade leaving its sheath.  My breath froze in my chest and I pressed David’s small head tightly to my shoulder as if that could save him from this new threat.

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