Being a lazy bum…

Yes, I know, I know.  I am a bum.  I keep trying to be good, and I’m not.

I’ve been half heartedly working on editing Forever After.  Once done, I intend to post the edited version to Wattpad for a limited time in advance of proper publishing.  They have a service that features works on there if they’re in good shape, so I want to do that once I go through the current edit, then post it to Wattpad, send it off to a proper editor, and move forward with publishing it.

I am completely in a standstill on Seize.  I seem to know what I want to write, but can’t seem to get motivated.

I have been coming up with plenty of ideas, though.  For lots of stories.  Maybe I need to start writing some short fiction – flash and short stories.  Get the creative juices flowing a bit.  Might get me in the mood.  I did discover a promising site called Patreon that I would like to try out.  Whether you’re an artist of any sort or someone who just loves to consume said arts, it seems like a really great site.  I’ve been working out how I might make full use of the site.  I was thinking of maybe setting it up on a per story basis. That I can gather, the site allows you to support artists either on a month to month basis or on a per piece basis.  You pay a little bit per piece/month, and the artist gives you content and various other benies.

And while I have been reading, I haven’t been reading anything for review.  Sorry.  I seem to be in my comfort reading phase right now, which means I keep reading things I’ve read several times before.  Basically, retreating to familiar territory when stressed.

Sorry again, everyone, for being a recluse for the last year or so…

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