Book Review: Hyde by Lauren Stewart @readlaurens

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This book made me want to jump on the roof tops shouting Hallelujah. Yeah, it’s that good. Looking back, I’m not entirely certain what elements were to blame for my high esteem of this book. It simply pulled me in and dragged me along. Though not a short book at 418 pages, I read it in a few hours (maybe eight total). I couldn’t put it down. The last couple of days, if I got in bed by one in the morning, I was doing good. And that’s with having obligations that require me to be up by 6:30 in the morning. I was dying on my feet yesterday with five hours sleep. Brilliant.

Filled with intrigue, sexual tension (and, yeah, some vivid sex scenes), swear words (so, you know I’m happy), double-crosses, murder, mayhem, characters waking up covered in blood, shady organizations, and, of course, main characters with a side they can neither control nor remember the actions of; what’s not to love?

Stewart pairs Eden, the female lead you can’t help but like, with Mitch, a character that you should love to hate but just can’t seem to. The characters are deep and, I think, that’s part of the reason Mitch is a character I came to like so much. If he wasn’t such a deep character, his abrasiveness would send people running… and does, just not the readers. I like that Mitch could just as easily been the bad guy of the story… except there are evils far worse out there than Hyde, his alter ego.

Hyde is the type of book that makes you want to run to download the next book in the series. I just didn’t want it to end. I had to know what was going to happen next. I won’t just recommend this book; you are truly missing out if you let this treasure pass you by.


About the Author

Lauren Stewart lives in Northern California with two of the most amazing children that the world has ever seen. She reads almost every genre so, naturally, her writing reflects that. With every book, every story, you’ll find elements of other genres–fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, suspense, YA, women’s literature, all with a touch of humor because what doesn’t kill us should make us laugh.

To find her on the web, please visit:

Website: www.ReadLaurenS.com
Twitter: @ReadLaurenS
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LaurenStewart…

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