Book Review: Journeys of Wonder: Volumes 1 & 2

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Volume 1

At first, I wasn’t so sure about this book because of the cover. The cover reminded me of the stories I used to read as a kid. You know, like Scariest Stories to Tell in the Dark. I still remember one of the songs in the back. I think it went something like: The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, in your stomach and out your snout. I don’t remember the rest, but the cover made me thing of those types of stories.

As I read the book, which is quite short and consisting of five short stories, I realized that this book is a lot like those childhood tales. Except, it is geared and adapted to an adult audience. It was brilliant.

The first story, “The Door” by Ian Kezsbom, was a perfect start to the series. “When the door opens the world disappears.” I loved how you gradually realize what’s going on. What is that room? Why are they there? What do they have in common? You’ll have to read to find out.

“Blackout” and “Eye of the Wolf” by Lisa Gail Green were great chilling tales. You know bad things are happening. You may even suspect even worse things are going to happen. Still, the author ends the stories with the type of closure I haven’t read in years. Happy endings are overrated.

“Infinity” by Ian Kezsbom was predicable, but still a fun read and cool concepts. The last story, “Afterdeath” by Leslie S. Rose might just have been the most powerful story in the book. The story had me in its grip, on the edge of my seat and vying for the couple, for a happily ever after. And with a collection like this one, there’s no telling whether they got it.

All in all, I enjoyed this short collection of stories and for $0.99, what’s to lose? So sit back, relax, and enjoy a little piece of your childhood with an adult twist. You’ll be glad you did.

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Volume 2

After reading and reviewing Volume 1, I was looking forward to Volume 2 and it doesn’t disappoint. Keeping to the feel of Volume 1, Volume 2 continues in its legacy with stories of nightmares, horror, and unhappy endings.

The first story, “CAL” by Lisa Gail Green kept me hoping that things would work out for the main characters. Filled with tension and dread, I kept hoping our deepest fears would be proven wrong…

“The Terrible, Perfect Duet” by Trista A. Bissett tells a coming of age story, with a twist. At times, I found myself wondering, “What is she turning into?”

“Helios” by Leslie S. Rose was a story that screamed tragedy from the very beginning. Throughout the story, I wondered what would be their downfall. Would the father she never knew cast her aside? Would her mate lead her astray? Would they, like Icarus, reach for the heavens and fall to the earth? As I read on, I had the sneaking suspicion the couple would never make it off the planet with the rest of the evacuees. I’ll let you read it to find out what really happened.

“Encrypted” by Ian Kezsbom had me trying to put the clues together like a mystery. I’m known for figuring out the whodunits before everyone else (including Sherlock Holmes), so saying I saw the ending a mile away doesn’t mean it was obvious. Still, I loved trying to piece the reality that Kezsbom paints together to figure out what’s really going on. Think deeper and maybe you’ll figure it out too.

“Lighting the Sacred Way” by S. P. Sipal was a cool story and different from the rest, at least in my opinion. I can honestly say I didn’t see the ending coming. It was a good ending. I liked the ending. It balanced out all the other endings.

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