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seizeAnd the next eight from Seize.  I’ll be out of town this weekend again, so I’ll probably respond to comments late Sunday or Monday.

I sat behind him, loaf in hand, feeling it experimentally.  The loaf was hard and, though I’d never eaten its like before, I recognized it from the handful of times in my life when my father’d had to prepare for long travel.  Though fairly hard, they traveled better and didn’t go bad as quickly, making them ideal for travel.  I pulled off a chunk and chewed it experimentally as David wiggled his way into my lap with his prize.

When I looked up, the knight was staring at us, a look I didn’t recognize on his weathered face —  weathered by experience, not age.  He didn’t eat, simply watching us as we stuffed our faces for the first time in weeks.  Even hard as they were, they were worlds better than what I’d been eating and though I wasn’t sure the exact time, I suspected it had been nearly twenty-four hours since I’d last eaten.  As I finished the loaf, my stomach almost painfully distended from the unaccustomed load, exhaustion started to claim me.

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Photo credit: Ghetu Daniel / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: Alaskan Dude / Foter / CC BY

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  • If you’re hungry, I’m sure even hard bread is dang tasty.

    Just a thought–all that description of its taste makes me wonder what it looks like, color, texture, etc. Unless it’s in another snippet.

  • I can imagine how good it must feel to eat even a hardened loaf after such a time! I can’t wait to learn more of this knight.

  • Enjoying the story, want to know more about the knight! and the lady. and, well, everything! Very intriguing. Minor nit – “even hard as they were they were worlds better…” What’s the “they”? I was visualizing a loaf of bread, which you did say… But it certainly didn’t impair my enjoyment of the scene!

  • This must be such a nice feeling, nice description.

  • A fine 8! Though not a loaf, I want to eat.

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