Progress Post: Week 12

I am not really sure how I got this much done since last time. I didn’t feel like I got a lot done but this looks like a ton of stuff. I didn’t do anything yesterday, instead focusing on prepping for a D&D campaign I’ll be DMing. Monday was the Session Zero and we’ll be getting started with the campaign two weeks from now. Really excited about it. I think I’m on par for most of my goals for the month. I think my main area of concern is going Wide (seems to always be that), but now I’m wondering if focusing on my first series was the right choice. I want to redo the blurbs, and now I’m wondering if maybe I should have started with the series that probably needs less work. But that’s also the series that I’ll be working at updating covers for so… not sure how best to proceed. It’s new, and I’m giving myself leniency there for now.

Updates since last week:

  • Removed old Book of the Month on Ream
  • Website updates
  • Updating tier descriptions for Serial Lover and eBook Lover tiers
  • Posted something called the Idea Archive for one of my new tiers
  • Going over accounting
  • Housecleaning in the Fated Mates of the Drakoan Scrivener file (because it was annoying me how it was organized…)
  • Wrote and published story hop story “With a little luck”
  • Reached 48% in draft 3 of Matched to the Alien Workaholic
  • Started process of redoing covers for A Shift in Space series (we’ll see how that goes)
  • Some administrative stuff with the boxed set I’m planning to participate in later this year.
  • Sent email to my mailing list
  • Scheduled YouTube livestreams
  • Started working on publishing stories to Alien Lover tier
  • Wrote episode 24 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan

Recent Reads:

  • The Beast (and whatever the second book is in this series…) by Jenika Snow
  • When She’s Common by Ruby Dixon – This was a long one. Maybe too long. The author writes really well, but there was a 3rd act breakup and miscommunication, which probably had me feel spicy toward the story (and not in a good way), influencing how I felt about the length.

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