Progress Post: Week 13

I feel like I should have gotten something done over the weekend, but I didn’t. I’m like that sometimes. I did end up spending time on Monday updating the hell out of my computer because my video editor wasn’t working. Still not sure if it will work, but we’ll see. That’s a problem for another time.

I’ve had a lot of ideas for my D&D campaign I’m DMing, but haven’t actually made any concrete strides. I started learning about how to use Dungeon Fog (a map making software). Looks like it will be really easy and practical to use. Looking forward to getting started. I’m just a little nervous because this is my first time doing anything on this level. Crossing my fingers everything goes well.

Updates Since Last Week:

  • Added all relevant stories to Smut Lover and Alien Lover tiers (the new ones)
  • 50% complete with Draft 3 of Matched to the Alien Workaholic (added 3 new scenes to total, which threw off the number, but I also really didn’t get a lot done on Saturday)
  • Provided feedback to cover artist on new cover for Shifting Sides
  • Finished Episode 24 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan
  • Published Oops… I did it again… for the story hop
  • Sent first poll to eBook Lover tier to pick a special edition eBook for April.
  • Created new writing prompts for the April Story Hop
  • Added to my Tumblr queue
  • Scheduled livestreams
  • Participated in a facebook party on the Ream Readers Group

Recent Reads:

  • The Hunter and Primal by Jenika Snow
  • Bought and Paid for by Jenika Snow and Jordan Marie (and Goodreads is being weird again, because I absolutely confirmed with email notifications popping up on my tablet that other books were listed as read, but it didn’t do it. I swear it is so broken).

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