New Release Announcement: Terra’s Fate

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Kindle | Paperback | Large Print Hardcover

What you don’t know can get you killed…

Terra just wanted to work.  Unfortunately, instead of a job, she got a one-way trip to the shifter internment camps.  Struggling with denial, she rails against the system, insisting they’ve made a mistake.  That is, until she meets Annie, a parentless child thrust into the same unforgiving environment.  But as she falls into a pattern caring for the girl, an even darker reality assaults her.

Terrified, Terra escapes the camp in an act of desperation and stumbles on a hidden society.  They welcome her freely, but she doesn’t trust them, ready to flee at a moment’s notice.

But a greater threat looms, the fate of humans and shifters alike hanging in the balance.  Then, just as the battle seems to be over, the fight hits home.  Can Terra come to accept herself before prejudice’s toxic touch destroys them all?

Terra’s Fate is Book 3 in the Darkest Day Series and is not a standalone novel.

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