Progress Post: Week 34

Finished drafts 1 and 2 of episode 10 of Fated Mates. Wrote 2690 words in Alien Captain, which now doesn’t seem like a lot. Had some hiccups and distractions this week. Ordered books on Ingram for my (future) store, scheduled episode 9 on the free sites, applied to a local library event (with maybe 24 hours to spare because I thought they would email me when applications opened up and they didn’t), reorganized ClickUp (the program I use to keep myself sane), created some new character profiles for my Ream subscription, and another YouTube video went live.

The library event is October 21st. Don’t know if I’ll get a spot, but I did last time, so I’m hopeful. It was really quiet last year due to a convention going on the same day, but they moved it from August to October, so hopefully that won’t be a problem.

Recent Reads

Turn Left for Stars by VK Ludwig: I figured out the ideal solution to the FMC’s problems 19% into the book. 19%!!!! As such, I got very frustrated with this book, because after that, everything was basically, “Why aren’t you seeing this!!!! It’s right there in your face!!! Use your brain!!!!” The author doesn’t present that as the solution until 81% into the book. And there are multiple bad things that happen because the author avoids this solution until the very end. I wish they had just presented this information much later so I wouldn’t be taunted by it. I liked the solution and I liked the characters and such. I just hated that I knew the needed solution so early and the author and characters just basically ignored that option completely for so long. In fact, another character had to propose it. Neither of the main characters could think of it. It was frustrating.

Swipe Right for Husband by VK Ludwig: It kind of bugged me that the MMC is being sexually harassed at work and yet the FMC routinely blames him for it. Even more, when he doesn’t speak up about a recent sexual assault, she blames him for not saying anything even though it is very common for victims not to say anything. What’s more, he’s even less equipped to deal with these types of situations than the average man because of where he’s from and the culture on his planet. Also, I feel like it is necessary to point out that tomato is a fruit. At one point, a character says fruit don’t go on pizza, but tomato is a fruit and is one of the quintessential elements of a pizza. Just saying. I was a little confused about the business structure. She’s his boss, but she’s the head of marketing. He’s an engineer/programmer. Shouldn’t that be a separate department? I did love the ending, though. I was a really good ending.

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