Progress Post: Week 35

Made some major progress on the direct store. It’s now visible on the top navigation, says “Shop.” It’s got some semblance of order and the eBooks and print books are now on one sales page per book. I also added a Free Shipping option for orders >$50 to US addresses. Still got to work a little more on planning the little details with shipments, but the store is essentially functional.

Posted the episode 4 video of Fated Mates of the Drakoan over the weekend. Also finished episode 10, which is scheduled on all sites (September 8 for Serial Lover Tier, November 17 for free sites, a week earlier than that for Ream Followers).

Wrote a little bit in The Bartender and the Warlord, a short story I’m working on for Ream. It’s going to be on the long side for a short story, but probably not the longest I’ve ever done.

Wrote 2578 words in Alien Captain. Got a couple more scenes done. I also came up with a solution to a problem I’ve been struggling with in regards to the FMC. I was worried that her history would make her unforgivable in some way, but I think I finally came up with a scenario that will work.

Posted Mila’s Shift to Ream at the eBook Lover tier and scheduled it to go live for the September Book of the Month for Followers and Serial Lovers.

At the moment, I’m having to plan for about a week where I know I’ll get little or nothing done (coming sometime in September). This is a challenge for both YouTube and Fated Mates because both involve set schedules. I’m hoping I can somehow get a little ahead of schedule so I won’t be playing catchup afterwards. Crossing fingers.

Recent Reads

Press Pound for Husband by VK Ludwig: I’m honestly baffled by the premise. The FMC was literally threatening the MMC with a fire extinguisher then stomps on the control panel to put out a fire. Really? It also feels weird that she’s hoping he’ll be useful once stranded when she’s clearly more than capable all on her own. Also find it strange that he’s so interested in love when love is so taboo on his home planet. And while I find it sweet the idea that the one who doesn’t want to get married might be perfect for the guy who wants to settle down, there’s so many red flags, it isn’t funny. And I hate how she’s angry at him for not wanting to give her two weeks, claiming he’s pressuring her or something. She’s already promised him the dates, so if she’s asking for two weeks, it’s not because she needs space, it’s because she’s running scared, and he knows it, which is why he doesn’t want to give her space. He wants to cut his losses if she really finds a few dates to be too much commitment. I liked the characters, but wow are there some neuroses on her part that never really got handled. She’s just as commitment-phobic in the last chapter as she is in the first.

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