Progress Post: Week 36

Recorded, edited, and scheduled 2 videos for YouTube, on is scheduled for this Friday, the other for the 22nd, I think. I keep wanting to get ahead on video recording, but this is the farthest ahead I’ve ever been so far. I’m doing every other week at the moment just to keep it easy for me.

Added coupon codes as a reward in Ream, updated membership goal, added Shifting Cargo to the eBook Lover tier, and started the Book of the Month, which is Mila’s Shift. Three community posts and a little bit of a disaster as Campfire, which I was using to share world building info, wasn’t working as intended. But I got it set up on a Google Drive related solution, which seems to be a much better fit. I also suggested a built-in option for Ream. I also wrote a bit more in my short story, The Bartender and the Warlord.

Worked on drafts 1 and 2 of Fated Mates. It was some sexy scenes, and the first ones of the book. Exciting. I also created a spreadsheet for planning the pacing of serial stories (since again, this is my first). Gives me a bit better idea of what I need to accomplish to get to my next major story beat, which is nice.

Wrote 2367 in Alien Captain.

Picked up new books that I’d had printed. They’ve been added to the inventory for my store. I’ve also added Shifting Cargo to my store in eBook format. Last two left are Shifting Tides and Tristan’s Choice.

For going wide, I created an ISBN for Mila’s Shift and started creating accounts at the various vendors. Still got more to do there (some tax and financial things before I can get started), and I’m thinking there’s one more vendor I’m going to do direct with based on feedback from a FB group I’m in.

Recent Reads

Tethered Souls by Tiffany Roberts – Haven’t finished this, but I started it recently. It’s quite long, so it’ll take a bit to finish. So far, I’m loving it. The battle scenes are so intense and you’re so emotionally engaged with the story… Really enjoying it.

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