Progress Post: Summer Struggles…

Apparently, I only wrote 1127 in Alien Captain since my last post. I was kind of surprised by that, but then I realized that I didn’t do anything author-related on Wednesday last week and the weather was so nice on Monday that I couldn’t quite bring myself to drag my ass back indoors to work on anything. Seriously contemplating figuring out a way to conveniently write on my patio because the chair is just that comfortable. It was such a beautiful day. Not too hot or humid, breezy. I was smiling like an idiot, not gonna lie.

I finished writing episode 6 of Fated Mates, though I forgot to update that anywhere. I’ve got to get my ass in gear on that, because I wanted to get the episode finished by the end of the month, which is quickly approaching. It’s fine. I’ve got this.

I’ve been working on a giveaway with two other authors. Planning to run it for the month of July. I’m still waiting on some information before I can finalize the materials, though. Crossing fingers.

I recorded a video, something called an “AuthorTube Newbie Tag” video. I haven’t edited it, but I could see myself enjoy the process. I’m currently trying to figure out how to use Streamlabs suite as I think that might be my best option all around to make things as straightforward as possible. I don’t want to spend a lot of time editing if I can help it and want to make sure my main focus remains my writing. Unfortunately, I seem to have no problem logging into Streamlabs on Safari, but not on Chrome, where it is designed to be used… Here’s hoping that gets figured out soon.

Finished Reading

When She’s Wary by Ruby Dixon: I seem to be spending a lot of time on stuff related to trauma recently. I also read the book “The Body Keeps the Score,” which is a slightly academic book on trauma and PTSD that turned out to be both fascinating and problematic. Even Matched to the Alien Prince had some degree of trauma in it. This book was interesting, though. Mixed feelings, certainly, but interesting. I’m always a bit uneasy when you have a character continuing to show up even when they’re given nothing to indicate they’re wanted. I read this book like a week ago, so I’m a little fussy on the details now, but I feel like that was a thing. I mean, the author made a concerted effort to make sure it seemed wanted, but he wasn’t exactly giving her much, if any, encouragement in the early stages. He would often say he would stop if she asked him to, but there’s an inherent problem with that as a justification: people sometimes get punished for saying no. It’s not always safe to say no, resulting in bad shit happening. Don’t get me wrong, I did like the story, but just that little bit rubbed me the wrong way. What about you?

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