Progress Post: Scheduling Sucks…

Since my last post, I finished Episode 5 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan, started writing Episode 6, wrote 3287 words in Alien Captain (why does that feel like I was slacking now?) I guess that’s not bad. Looking back, it was only 3 days of work because yesterday got messed up by a vet appointment and my last progress post was last Tuesday after finishing for the day.

I’ve been working toward the idea of starting a YouTube channel (I tried starting and stopping this several times over the last couple years but never really got started). Worked on that a bit on Sunday. I will say, the technology has definitely improved since the last time I thought about doing this, with AI-driven editing software that would probably make the back end of making videos a breeze. I want to do a YouTube channel to connect deeper with my readers, but I absolutely don’t want to cut into my writing and editing time (I’m thinking of maybe doing it on Sundays when I don’t actually write).

Yesterday, I shipped out a book to the winner of my giveaway on my mailing list. Didn’t realize it was Juneteenth and forgot it was now a Federal holiday, so the post office was closed and the drop off slots were overfull.

Back to the vet appointment I mentioned. Why is it that places LOVE to schedule you for appointments without checking if you can make them? So, a week or two ago, I received a call confirming an appointment from my vet that I didn’t make. Like, it was for a Saturday. I work on Saturdays. I can’t even drop my pup off for an appointment on a Saturday. It’s just not possible. I had to call them while I was at work, fuss at them for scheduling the damned appointment in the first place, then reschedule an appointment I didn’t even know she needed. I don’t understand this practice, and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it. It happened with an eye doctor I had back in Raleigh, too. She wanted to schedule my next appointment, but instead of scheduling an appointment I could actually attend, she wanted to just choose a random date as a placeholder then have me reschedule closer to the date. But this actually makes scheduling for everyone harder because you now have people on the books who are taking up a slot they won’t be using so those spaces will likely never be filled and other people will have fewer options because no one knows that spot is actually available. Whys is this a thing?

Finished Reading

The Female by Invi Wright: I felt so much promise for this frickin story, almost right up to the very end. This was one of those stories where you realize at a certain time that it can’t possibly finish the story in the time it has left. Like, there was no resolution. There absolutely could have been. I can think of a handful of ways the author could have finished this book so that it was satisfying. They failed miserably at that. And the descriptions for the next books? Don’t interest me at all. I feel like I wasted a lot of reading time on this book and I’m kind of annoyed. I could have been reading something else, anything else.

His UnEggsalted Omega by Lorelei M. Hart: I’m absolutely shocked that this book has no conflict whatsoever. I liked the characters, I liked the concept, but there’s no tension. Every time the author teases there being any tension, it’s immediately resolved. I kind of hate it.

Did you have any disappointing reads lately?

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