NaNoWriMo and a new novel… oh my!

mila's shiftSo, this will be my first year participating in NaNoWriMo.  I’m kind of giddy about it.

I’ve been working on plotting, world design, outlining.  This is rather new to me.  I’ve always been a seat of my pantser, so any reasonable amount of planning ahead is a bit beyond me.  I’m working on that.  I guess, for me, November is going to be a sort of test.  I want to see if I can manage to find a way of making small amounts of planning and outlining work for me.

I’ve organized my thoughts into three files: world, plot, and outline.  World just gives details on political climate, physical environment, science and technology, characters.  Plot organizes the novel by concepts, goes into decent detail.  Outline organizes by scene – it’s basically just a numbered list.  Each list item is probably no more than a fragment of an idea, less than a sentence.  Just enough to get each scene started.

Anyway, here’s the book I’ll be writing.  I guess it’s a scifi/fantasy.  I’m calling it Mila’s Shift.  I’d like to try to get the entire book finished in November, meaning 90-100k words, not 50k.  Sorry, NaNo, 50k is a novella.  Don’t care what you say…



One call. Mila answered one call.

An accident of birth has left her on the run since the world discovered people like her existed. Off the grid, she gets a call from an old friend. She answers.

Now, her friend is dead, and she’s taken her place on a deceptively old space ship. But the people who killed her friend think she’s still alive, and they’re gunning for Mila, who’s borrowed her face.

Can she get away with it?

With a Captain increasingly suspicious, security personnel dogging her every move, and an assassin lurking somewhere on board, an assassin who could be anyone, will she survive long enough to figure out why her friend was killed?


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