Progress Post: A Productive Week

So, I am liking my new desk arrangement. I keep playing around with the height (I have an electronic standing desk so I can fiddle with it anywhere from sitting to standing). It still might not be quite right.

I’m working on a giveaway for July. So far, I have two authors signed up and a third has shown interest. This is my first time doing this, so hopefully it will be something that gets more interest the most I do it. I’m planning to give away a signed paperback.

I’ve gotten to draft 3 of episode 5 of Fated Mates and 31,113 words in Alien Captain. Hoping to get Episode 5 done this week. I’ve started working on the blurb for Fated Mates.

I worked on my author bio for a bit this week and started playing around with Campfire for my subscription on Ream. I’ve added information on Drakoans and Savalans so far. Yesterday, I finished watching and taking notes from a Youtube for Authors course. I’m planning to try out doing YouTube videos. I want to make it so most of my videos are geared toward one of two goals: appealing to my readers or getting to know me, the author, better. My plan is generally to do work on this during times when I would not ordinarily be writing or editing (e.g. Saturdays and Sundays) and only when I feel inspired to do so. This is not intended to be a significant revenue stream but rather a way for me to deepen my connection with my readers (and maybe with fellow authors as well) as that is one of my goals for this year.

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