WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 09/22/2013 #snippetsunday #8sunday

I almost missed the deadline on the WeWriWa website.  I was fiddling around with getting an ARC on my tablet when I noticed it was nearly midnight.  Oops…

“She’s just tired.  We’ve been walking for-ev-er.”  The knight wondered if the boy told the truth or exaggerated as children his age so frequently did, in his experience at least.

He stood and put his hand to his chest.  “Well, I am Sir Lionel of Ula.  As I said, I mean you know harm.  On my honor as a knight.”

The boy tilted his head like a dog, eying him cautiously, then simply smiled and turned as if to say, “You’ll do.”

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  • chellecordero

    The boy is so precocious, love it!

  • burnsmillie

    The little boy is adorable! This is such a great eight! Oh, little typo with know…to no?

  • I like the way the kid sized up the knight.

  • So cute! I love the interplay of their characters.

  • I like the knight. His understanding of this child is endearing. And the boy’s wordless take on the knight, “You’ll do,” is very good. Although the snippet is short, there’s an atmosphere that attracts me.

  • Very nicely done interaction. Good understanding of children from a Knight AND the ending makes the reader wonder what task/chore etc the boy thinks the Knight will/can accomplish. Nicely done.

  • Hey, that’s a cute and engaging excerpt today! Thanks for sharing this particular bit with us.

  • Interesting how well the knight understands children. Great snippet!

  • “…as if to say, “You’ll do.” Intriguing, Danielle. Your writing is very fluid, very natural. Good 8! 🙂

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