Progress Post: Week 41

Wow, didn’t realize it had been this long since my last progress post. Didn’t mean for it to go that long. I’ve been so focused on keeping up with my YouTube and Ream subscription that I let this slide.

Anyway, something I sort of realized in the interim is that I am especially bad at setting reasonable expectations for myself. I tend to let things snowball, where I keep adding and adding until my to do list is so unmanageable that I nearly meltdown and end up having to step back just to keep myself sane.

Anyway, my status at the moment. Finished and uploaded Fated Mates of the Drakoan episode 12, which was both fun and awkward (though not as fun as episode 11, wink wink). It looks like it is starting to take off on Inkitt, which makes me really excited.

Reached 53,398 in Alien Captain. I haven’t been working on that as much as Fated Mates, which I’m kind of bummed by. I keep telling myself I’m going to finish writing it each month, then not making anywhere near as much progress as I’d hoped.

Next Saturday (October 21), I’ll be at an in person event in Indianapolis (at the Central Library). Will have a table there, selling (and signing) books and will (probably) also do a reading from one of my books (and I just realized I have to pick what I’m going to read. Gah! Suggestions, anyone?).

I’m currently working on a Halloween bonus scene starring Jess and Kou from Shifting Loot. Will share to Ream first then to my mailing list.

Anyway (wow, I said that a lot in this post), that’s all for now. Catch you next time.

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