Progress Post: Week 42

This week was not as productive as I might have hoped. I’d taken a few days off of work to use up some PTO, and I was really hoping that I might get a little more productivity out of the bargain. Not sure I did, or if I did, it wasn’t anywhere near as much as I might have hoped.

  • Finished drafts 1 and 2 of Fated Mates episode 13.
  • Shopped for supplies for my in person event this coming Saturday (though that might have been on my previous post because I did that post so late…
  • Worked on the eBook delivery for my online store (wanted to make sure everything was perfect and there were a couple books still not live there. They are now).
  • Planning for the live event. Nowhere near done on this. Might be doing some last minute prep on Friday, knowing me…
  • Created some custom livestream overlays for YouTube (I’m planning to start livestreaming and I just wasn’t happy with the stuff available)
  • Watched some educational videos on livestreaming and building a youtube channel.
  • Scheduled episode 8 of Fated Mates to go live on my YouTube channel on Friday.

Currently Reading

Supra Velum: Started reading the first story in this collection, which has really gotten me out of my reading slump. I’m really enjoying it.

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