Progress Post: Week 43

So this past week, I attended the Meet An Author, Be An Author event at the Indianapolis Central Library. I spent a lot of the last week working on preparing for that event and then attending it (13 of the 19 hours that week). It didn’t have as much attendance as I would have hoped (though had some pretty precious convos with people). It did make me wonder if I wanted to do conventions, though. Conventions were never really an option for the longest time. I started publishing in late 2019, and we all know what happened next. Most conventions closed down and those that stayed open were superspreader events. Still not sure if I’m comfortable with attending an event that would have that many people at it, though. I think it could be great, but I’m just not used to being around a lot of people anymore…

Moving on, finished episode 13 of Fated Mates. It’s up on Ream (although I think I still need to schedule it on other sites). Wrote some of Alien Captain (though not as much as I would have liked… I didn’t sleep well before the event and I feel like I spent all weekend catching up on my sleep).

Worked on a new video for my youtube channel. Just need to do the subtitles and schedule it.

Checked the email automations for my store and a created store policies page as well as special order and product request forms. And because of the event, there is now (finally) a page on the website with links to all the places you can read Fated Mates.

Currently Reading

Supra Velum: Still reading this. Finished the first story, skipped on the second story (wasn’t doing it for me) and am now onto the third.

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