Book Review Request Queue

I am slowly but surely plowing through my queue of book review requests.  There are hundreds.  I’ve dropped it down under 200 now, and will hopefully be sending out requests for ebooks soon.

That being said, I have changed the form for Book Review Requests.  It is simpler, so it’ll take less time for authors to submit requests.  I am also hoping that it will make it faster for me to weed out a good deal of the review requests of people who didn’t bother to read my criteria, as many of the requests are for books that are not the correct genres.

I just finished clearing out by genre.  Nearly a third of requests were set aside due to being the wrong genres.  It has taken me hours just to get this far.  It took more time than I would even care to consider to just add all the book review requests to Goodreads.  I was up until nearly 2am that night.

As always, I encourage authors to submit listings to IndieGalley as well.  IndieGalley takes all genres while I do not.

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