Progress Post: I’m a mess

I… didn’t work on Fated Mates of the Drakoan at all this last week. Instead, a lot of my focus was on Matched to the Alien Captain. I got to 50% last week. I also started working on trying to balance my time more between the various tasks involved in being a writer, because I’d come to realize I always feel like I need to work on various tasks but never get around to them. Instead, I tend to focus almost exclusively on production (aka writing and editing books) to the exclusion of almost everything else. That means I have a tendency to having an increasingly large list of “other” tasks that have become more and more stressful overtime due to me neglecting them. I’m going to try to do better at that. I still intend most of my time to be dedicated to writing and editing and producing stories, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to not neglect the other stuff. Hopefully, someday I’ll get caught up on those things… Someday…

I’ve been reading more lately, which is nice, and I FINALLY found out how to set up the downtime on my tablet so I couldn’t ignore when it told me to stop. Before, it would just let me snooze indefinitely, resulting in a situation where I would just keep reading and reading for hours. To protect my sleep, I ended up creating rules that meant I couldn’t read after work, which seriously cut into my reading time. I couldn’t trust myself so I didn’t give myself the option. I also had largely stopped reading on weekends as well for similar reasons (I couldn’t trust myself). But I finally figured it out (it’s kind of stupid, honestly and makes no sense, but it works and that’s what matters). Now, I have 1 chance to snooze for 1 minute, then it locks me out. I have to input a special password that I use for nothing else, haven’t memorized, and is kept somewhere not convenient to retrieve. I could use the password to snooze, but it’s just not worth the bother. It’s enough of a hassle to allow me to switch gears and go to bed when I’m supposed to.

I spent Memorial Day watching a monster movie marathon (didn’t mean to, but it happens). Man, I love the character of Dahl so much from the movie, Riddick. She’s frickin awesome! So awesome. I love her.

Finished Reading

When She’s Fearless by Ruby Dixon – These are always good books. It has the problem that they never talked about the future then when the future loomed ahead of them, they each made assumptions about what the other wanted, which is annoying, but at least it didn’t last long.

Axel by Tasha Black – This is a shifter romance. I don’t think I realized it when I downloaded it. I mean, I like shifter books, but I didn’t realize this author did both shifter romance and alien romance (I’ve read an alien romance by her before). There’s this weird dynamic in the story where the MMC is in this play group with his son and all the mothers in the group hate him. It’s weird. Especially since there’s this one scene where one of the mothers takes something he says in a context I’ve never heard before. Like literally, who would hear, “He’s getting so big,” and get offended. Like, that’s not a thing. It’s weird. There’s also certain things that really put the MMC in a bad light, like offering to marry someone just because they got pregnant (I hate that so much) and jumping into the sack with your employee after knowing her for like an hour when he was just telling himself he shouldn’t because she’s his employee. Like don’t you have any self control, man? Overall, I liked the story (the concept was great and the characters allowed me to forgive the things that irked me pretty quickly), but there were definitely some things that irked me.

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