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I finished writing episode 4 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan (and started writing episode 5 by accident). Started on draft 2. It doesn’t feel as messy as some of the previous episodes at this point, which is good. I’ll probably read through it another time before moving onto the next draft.

I feel like I haven’t been dedicating enough time to Matched to the Alien Captain lately. Meant to work on it yesterday, but ended up working on rebranding instead. I’ve been using the same branding since I got started (which was back when I was labeling my stuff Military SciFi). It doesn’t really fit and it’s needed a little TLC for quite some time, but I haven’t managed to do it. I’m not looking forward to it, but I also feel like certain things I want to do should be put on hold until it gets done since it impacts so much of the visuals and tone. Here’s a few of the images I’ve been playing around with.

Finished Reading

Her Alien Prince by Sky Roberts – worth a read. It was great once you got beyond the anxiety-driving bits at the beginning.

His Human Neighbor by Michele Mills – Was interesting because for most of the book, neither of them could touch each other. He gets engaged through some obscure aristocracy thing he has no control over, leaving them pining helplessly for each other, and it was kind of cool. I didn’t like this one scene late in the story, though. They were nearly to the finish line, the engagement was going to be broken the next day, and the author insisted on including a “no touching” so it doesn’t count scene, but sexy. Like why? It’s not like we had to wait that much longer. You could have deleted the scene and the book would have probably been better because the entire time I’m sitting here wondering if this is dishonorable because it felt like they were pushing it when it came to what he was allowed to do with her while engaged, and it broke the sexual tension before they could really be together.

I Married a Lizardman by Regine Abel – I completely loved this story. Read it in an afternoon. Only thing I didn’t like was how the FMC seemed stuck on trying to turn her new people into farmers. Even late into the book, she was still thinking that way, thinking her every little success would suddenly turn them around and make them see that farming could be a good thing in spite of their traumatic past with the practice. Like, this is an entire community. It would be like thinking you could convert everyone in a city to the same profession. Why would you even think that? It was weird. I don’t know. Just weird.

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