WeWriWa/Snippet Sunday 07/07/2013 #8sunday #snipsun

Welcome to this week’s snippet.  This continues on from last week’s snippet with no gaps.

FYI, in the first sentence, “it” refers to her heart.

Could it take much more of this torture?  It felt like it was on its last leg as it pounded painfully in my chest.  And with each step further, I felt like less and less air entered my lungs.  Would I suffocate from exertion before we reached the cover of the woods?  Was that even possible?  What an ignominious end for so useless a life!

But even if my own heart gave out, I would see to it the young boy in my arms had a chance.  He didn’t deserve whatever end that terrible witch had in store for him.


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  • A gripping eight there.

  • She’ll be ok, she’ll be ok… she is so strong and determined she can only be ok.

  • Dramatic! I’m so intrigued by this and so pleased your character is determined to save the child – excellent excerpt!

  • I love this type of transformation, that no matter how “ignominious” of a life he or she had lived, that they chose to end their life by saving another… someone weaker than they are. It shows a strength of heart that maybe has taken he/she by surprise! I hope you will post the next excerpt so we see how the scene progresses!

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