Progress Report: Week 46

Finished draft 2 of episode 15 in Fated Mates on Friday. Wrote 1054 words in Alien Captain (AC). For AC, I’m finding the most recent scenes have been really short (thank goodness) and so things are moving faster without as many words. I’ve gotten quite a few scenes done with relatively few words. The word counts per scene for a while there were a lot, which was really slowing down my progress, but I’m thankful to be getting a lot farther along right now.

Did a few posts in Ream. Trying to do a better job at doing Community Posts because I feel like I’ve just been doing a lot of sharing chapters/scenes and not actually doing posts. I’m also thinking I can start the Story Hop I’ve been working on really soon (maybe even this week?). Stay tuned.

Placed an order to replace the physical books I sold in October. I’m still working on getting my store in tip-top shape. I recently changed the page builder I’m using (this weekend, in fact), so I’m still working on updating all the templates and page designs, but I’ve got basic pages up for 2 of the 3 broken pages. News page is still down (have some code I need to use to get it back up and running so it will take a little longer than the other pages). I’m hopeful that I can get everything looking better this weekend and maybe even start experimenting with FB ads.

Started an Alien Romance Sims 4 Let’s Play on my YouTube channel on Sunday. It probably could have been better but it’s live streaming so I figure a little bit of flaws is to be expected. I’ve also been doing Productivity Live Streams Tuesday-Friday from 12:30-14:00 ET. I think it’s probably more popular with people who are writing because I share it with the AuthorTube and NaNoWriMo Discord servers I’m in, but it’s really for anyone wanting to get something done. I’m finding it keeps me a little more honest and forces me to participate because I would feel really awkward leading a productivity sprint and wandering off to play on my tablet instead.

Anyway, I don’t have any reading updates because I haven’t been doing any reading really. Started reading up on RuneQuest because my Monday night gaming group is going to be starting a campaign soon (we’re playtesting something for one of the members). I feel like I’ve been kind of off on reading lately. I want to, but I just end up either playing games on my tablet or trying to be productive, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’m not really finding the time to read either. Maybe I’ll try to do better this week. I could set a goal to read 1 book this week? Worth a thought.

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