Progress Post: Week 45

So, since my progress post last week was sort of late, there’s not too much progress to mention. Finished and uploaded episode 15 of Fated Mates (live for Serial Lover, go live Jan 12 for other sites). Added some more world building elements to my wiki for Ream. Wrote another 1329 in Alien Captain.

Then I tried to optimize the speed on my website. You may have noticed that now certain pages are broken and the home page looks different. This is a temporary work around. My options at the moment are: 1) Disable the store, 2) Deal with the broken pages, or 3) Overhaul the website with a new page builder/theme. I’m choosing 2 and 3. Planning to work on switching over to Bricks over the weekend but I anticipate that taking quite a bit of time (and I already spent 5 hours on it on Sunday.

Not really anything else to say. I only worked on the website on Sunday and I didn’t work on anything author-related on Monday. I was productive, just not on that. Instead, I was working on some things that had been procrastinated for far too long, which was a good thing.

Check in soon.

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