What I’m Reading: Testing Truth by Cynthia Sax

I absolutely love Cynthia Sax’s cyborgs. Ooohhh… and the modified humanoids in the Refuge series… very dark. I was waiting fairly impatiently for this book to come out. I saw it pop up on my Kindle app in the upcoming releases section a while ago (which just seems a bit cruel to me, to be honest).

Truth, one of the main characters in the book, is very playful (and a troublemaker) who is always looking to increase his “kill rates.” Basically, he just really likes being in the thick of it. So, of course, the woman meant for him is a princess (can you get any more different?) who was also a spy and seems to be just as prone to getting into trouble as he is.

He’s been part of the story for quite a few books now, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing his story (because he really didn’t seem interested in settling down and isn’t that the best kind?).

I’m 30% in (Thank you, Kindle app, [eye roll] for allowing me to be so precise). So far there has been some very funny elements, like when they decided that their spaceship looked too new so they needed to rough it up a bit. I’m really curious to see how she’s going to resolve some of the more challenging relationship hurdles (and how they’re going to break into and out of a prison without getting caught or killed).

Sax has several series in this same world, two primarily involving cyborgs. There are 32 books across the 4 series (I just counted), and I’ve read all of them that are not on pre-order (or this one, of course). I thought I might have been behind on the Chamele Barbarians series, but the last one is on pre-order so…

Well, anyway… if this sounded like something you’d want to read, click the link to check it out. Now I really should get back to being productive… you know, that mythological word with no true meaning…

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