Shifting Paradigms is Live on Kindle!

It’s that time again. A new book ready for your eReader.

This book was a bit of a labor of love for me, at least, more so than usual. Shifting Paradigms features an undiagnosed autistic woman and her journey from initial concept to final version paralleled my own journey of self-discovery that happened recently. In a way, I used her to learn new things about myself, some of them things I’ve been trying to understand and explore for decades.

She was a hard character to write, too. I love writing strong female characters, whether physically or psychologically. Victoria is a character who it can be hard to see her strength. She has endured so much, and we see her in the book possibly at her weakest. She is cut off from those she cares about, having to rely (at first) on nothing but herself and her AI, Angus. She is constantly thrust into situations that are extremely difficult for her to cope with as an autistic person. She has no safe harbor. No escape.

And yet, that’s part of the beauty of books. We get to deconstruct our characters, break them down until they are practically falling apart, then watch as they come together all the more beautiful for having done so. We continue reading because we care about what happens to the characters. We want what’s best for them. We want them to find love, both in a romantic partner and within.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story. You can check it out on Amazon.

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