Progress Post: Week 2

It’s been a few weeks since the last time I did one of these posts (I didn’t prioritize them over the holidays), so I’m going to do this in categories.

Fated Mates of the Drakoan

  • Finished Episode 18
  • Planned future episodes based on progress of story so far
  • Wrote episode 19

Matched to the Alien Series

  • Wrote 940+263 words in Matched to the Alien Captain. This will be on temporary hold while I work on Alien Workaholic, which is due by April 30th for an anthology.
  • Planned and wrote almost 8k in Matched to the Alien Workaholic


  • Did 9 hour productivity livestream working on Matched to the Alien Workaholic
  • Almost finished Fated Mates episode 13 video (had technical issues). Should go live this week.
  • Will experiment with doing videos as livestreams going forward with focus on replayability (set up some scenes toward this purpose).
  • Planned Sims livestreams

Interstellar Crew (Ream Subscription)

  • Added info on Hexians to the Wiki (species is relevant to a story hop story and the new book I’m working on, Matched to the Alien Workaholic)
  • Story Hop
    • Chose January Prompts
    • Finished the following stories: A Blast from the Past, An Eye Opening Date, The Alien Hermit, and Sparks the Flame


  • Updated mailing list template
  • Sent mailing list email


  • Cupcakes for my Orc Enemy by Honey Phillips
  • Claimed by the Cthulhu by Wendi Gogh
  • Ensnared by the Werewolf, Stalked by the Kraken, and Found by the Lake Monster by Lillian Lark
  • Most of the Monster Ever After series by Layla Fae
  • Quid Pro Quo by Nenia Campbell

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