Progress Report: Welp, I haven’t done one of these in a bit…

Finished episodes 1 and 2 of Fated Mates of the Drakoan. Episode 1 is currently on Ream and set to public, so anyone can view it. Feel free to let me know how the experience goes. I haven’t really seen much from the reader’s perspective yet. Reached 27% in Matched to the Alien Captain.

I know I didn’t get much done on my stories. Part of that was due to family visiting and part was due to getting Ream set up. I feel like I’m not happy with how slowly I’m writing Alien Captain, but at the same time, I feel like I’m enjoying the process more. I’m getting to write a lot more frequently and I’m not spending massive chunks of time (so far) doing nothing but editing. Still would like to connect with readers more, and that’s part of my hope for Ream. I want to be the type of author that’s responsive to reader input. I want to be able to give readers what they want, and that’s actually part of what I find appealing about serials, now that I think of it. There’s more opportunity to touch base with the readers and shift directions should reader feedback suggest that’s warranted. I’m really looking forward to doing that more in the future.

Today, I learned about Kobo Plus, a new competitor to Kindle Unlimited. I’m kind of thinking that might be part of my ebook strategy for my serials. We’ll see how it goes when I’m actually ready to address that.

Currently Reading

Luxuria by Colette Rhodes – I’m loving this story. I’m also really far behind because I was kind of supposed to finish it by April 24th for a book club I’m in (and man am I excited about being in a book club where I actually am going to be interested in all the books). I’m getting close to finished with the book, and like the rest of the people in the book club, I’m probably gonna want to read the next book right away, but Beast’s Secret Baby is also out and it’s hard having no impulse control when it comes to books. Sometimes I miss the days when I would just stay up until 4am reading, but I’m trying to be good…

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