Progress Report: ARCs available

I finished editing Matched to the Alien Prince yesterday and uploaded ARCs to Booksprout. Haven’t uploaded to KDP yet (got some back matter I want to tweak), but the final version is basically done at this point. There’s just some links I need to change and I’m waiting on the Library of Congress Number, which is unusually delayed at this point (I made the request on 1/31). If that doesn’t get updated by tomorrow, I’m going to email them as I can’t make much progress on the print books until I have that number ready. Usually, it only takes a day or a few days, but this is nearly a week now.

And now, I’m suddenly wondering about government shutdowns, because it is that time of year, now isn’t it?

And because I’ve just been really focused on getting the book finished, my To Do list looks horrifying. I have multiple, but it’s listing today at 26 items (And that’s just the one list. There are more…).

Up next is starting to get the print versions ready, prepping all the little details for the launch, and creating a bonus scene for the mailing list.

I guess that’s it for now.

Until next time,


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