Progress Report: Quick Update

I’m gonna be quick today. Finished Draft 4 of Matched to the Alien Prince today and did an initial formatting of the book and downloaded it to my tablet for Draft 5 (the final draft before upload to the respective distribution sites). I really didn’t do anything but working on Draft 4 this week.

Not sure how quickly I’ll be able to get Draft 5 completed. If I’m somehow able to really focus tomorrow (no shift for my “day” job), maybe I can get a ton done. I’m not holding my breath, though. I’ll get done what I get done. Honestly, I’m surprisingly close to my original goals I set for myself, which, considering how much longer it took to edit this book than usual, is pretty impressive. To give you an idea, Shifting Tides is of comparable length, but Matched to the Alien Prince took me 37% longer to complete the rewrites. That’s longer for rewrites than I’ve done for any book in the last two years.

Well, it’s over. I’m done with that phrase. I’m in the last stretch. Let’s see how quickly I can get the book out to reviewers…

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