Progress Post: Week 48

Since last time, the first story on my story hop has gone live (I’m Sorry, Vas). I finished draft 3 of episode 16 of Fated Mates. I wrote 1556 words in Alien Captain. I wrote the next story for the hop (Lawless Love?). And yesterday I spent a somewhat absurd amount of time trying to fix my website (or at least the home page and store).

This is what happens to me every time I work on web design. It always sucks me in until I resurface hours later. Although, a little over 2 hours isn’t too bad. It definitely prevented me from recording my next youtube video on Monday, though.

I also started doing Skillshare courses on drawing and etc. I feel like this is finally starting to make a difference for me. The teacher showed me things you can do on Procreate I had no idea existed (even after watching all the tutorial videos from Procreate’s youtube channel). She also did a wonderful job of going over various ways of starting out a piece of artwork by using reference images. I think I’ve found a way that works for me really well without actually tracing an image to get started, which is wonderful. One of the things I really want to get into is maybe doing character art and stuff. I think it would be really fun and possibly extra content I can provide for my Ream subscribers or maybe as merch options. Using stock images is fine, but there are limits to what you can use it for.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Until next week,


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