Progress Report: Week 47

Finished and uploaded Fated Mates, episode 15. It is live on Ream and will go live on free sites in January. Wrote 1238 words in Alien Captain. The story is starting to take off again and I’m hopeful to get finished writing with it soon.

Posted episode 10 of Fated Mates on YouTube. Did productivity livestreams Tuesday-Friday and an Alien Romance Sims 4 Let’s Play that didn’t go so well on Sunday. My sim was glitching so I ended up ending the stream early. I also updated my microphone setup (now has a shock mount and a smaller pop filter). I also played around a bit with teleprompter apps, though I don’t know that I found any I love.

I signed up for Radish, but from what I’ve heard, they are kind of infamous about taking forever to approve an author or almost auto-rejecting authors the first time around. We’ll see how it goes.

I picked a writing prompt for the first week of the “Humans are Overrated: A Romantic Story Hop.” I don’t know how many authors will participate, but I also finished my own story (about 1500 words) and it is scheduled on Ream for followers. The prompt is as follows: Your character wants to gain freedom from someone/something, but they will lose the respect of someone they admire. I also created a bookmark inspired by the cover art I created for the story hop and shared it to Ream members.

I did some reading this week, but it was mostly garbage. Fun garbage, but more guilty pleasure, there’s no way I’m telling anyone I read that, type of stuff.

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