Short Story Saturday: Saying Goodbye to Tor

So, this is my first attempt at writing in my Norse mythology retelling series. This will have a Science Fiction setting (set with aliens and a foreign world). I’m calling the series (at the moment) “Mythos of Nors.”

Jord wrung her hands, frowning at the spaceship where her son’s friend, Lokhee, was currently preparing for launch.  She didn’t like the man.  And it had started long before he’d purchase this ship and declared himself a pirate.

She could still remember the rakish smirk on his face as he’d informed them, showing off his second-hand ship like it was some great treasure.  It wasn’t the first time he’d let Jord down, either.  Her son, Tor, was a good boy.  Always had been.  He always did his chores, did well in school, always tried to do the right thing.  When he became a man, he declared he was going to be a great soldier, protecting his people.

And then there was Lokhee.  She didn’t know what was running through the boy’s head most of the time.  At his most benign, he was inappropriate and awkward.  At his worst, he was downright dangerous.  He always took dares and jokes too far, and never knew his or society’s limits.

Now he was taking her son with him.  “Don’t do this,” she begged yet again.

Her son bent down, his big body dwarfing her even though he wasn’t a full giant.  It didn’t matter.  He’d spent his adult career training, sparring, fighting.  He was all muscle on a tall frame.  He grabbed her shoulders, staring her in the eyes.  “I’ll be fine, mother.  Lokhee and I are just going to do this.  You know why.”

Jord frowned again.  She did know why.  A boy was taken in the neighborhood.  Emotion choked her up as she tilted her head back, looking up into her son’s strong features.  She could see so much of his father in him.  Strong jaw, blazing green eyes, and flame red hair that fell around his temples when he wasn’t paying attention.  

When Lokhee had heard of the boy’s disappearance, he’d immediately convinced Tor to join in his rescue mission.  Jord grabbed Tor’s sleeves.  “This won’t end well,” she whispered.

Tor smiled.  “It never does, but it’s the right thing.”

“Why can’t you recruit some of the military to go get him?”

His expression closed down, his stance stiffening as he pulled away from her.  “You know that would be a misappropriation of military resources.  This is not a military manner.”

Jord sighed.  Yes, she did know that.  And she always knew her son.  He’d quickly risen through the ranks, only partially due to his father’s reputation and status, and he was more honorable than anyone she’d ever met.  He would never use military resources for something like this.

Which was why he’d requested leave and agreed to go with his friend.  He knew they could bring the boy home.  He also couldn’t stand by and do nothing.  It would gut her son.

“You ready?” Lokhee said, brushing off his hands as he approached.  “Ship’s all good.”

“Yeah.  Let’s do this,” Tor said, turning from Jord.

Her heart sank.  When had she become such a low priority in her son’s life?  She remembered when he looked at her as if she made the seasons change.

Warm lips pressed to her forehead and pulled away.  She looked up at Tor’s smiling face.

“I’ll be back soon, mother.  Don’t worry.  We’ll be fine.”

“Yeah,” Lokhee chimed in.  “I’ve got everything under control!”

Yeah, that was what she was a afraid of…

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