Progress Post: Ugh… Tax Season

I spent… 3 hours on Monday working on preparing to do my taxes. I haven’t even started them yet, but it took three hours. I’m honestly frustrated with myself because it took so long because of really bad inventory tracking. Nothing matched up between my accounting software and my inventory spreadsheet. Why did I do this to myself? Honestly?

But really, you probably don’t care about my tax woes. Finished Draft 2 for episode 1 of my serial, starting working on Draft 3 (Rewrites). Reached 15% in D1 of Alien Captain. I’m sort of thinking I need to spend more time with Alien Captain than I’ve been doing. I’m thinking I should spend twice as much time on that series as the serial, which would allow me to release 1 season of the serial per year and 2 books in Matched to the Alien, in theory. That’s kind of my plan.

Currently Reading/Just Read

I’m in love with Mothman by Paige Lavoie – Just started this one yesterday. I’d been procrastinating this one because it’s not in KU and is a little pricy (also, I’ve never read this author before, but so far it’s promising).

Heat Clinic by Alexis B. Osborne – Surprisingly sweet. Definitely some fantasizing about the rich guy taking you away from your troubles and making everything perfect. Also, a lot of sex, but what do you expect?

DaR by Jennifer Julie Miller – Definitely look forward to reading more in this series in the future. I think it already has like 7 books in it or something, but I have to pace myself.

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